LED Aluminium PCB Reflow Oven TA960



مشخصات فنی محصول : LED Aluminium PCB Reflow Oven TA960

The heating zone quantity: upper3/down2
The length of the heating zone: 960*300mm
The heating type: intelligent level sirocco and rapid infrared heating
The cooling zone quantity: 1
Maximum width of PCB board: 300MM
The operation direction: left→right
Delivery options: Net transmission+chain transmission
The speed of conveyer belt: 0~1600mm/min
The power supply: Three phase 5 line 380V/220V 50/60Hz
Peak power: 4.5KW
Heating up time: Around 15mins
Temperature control range: Room temperature 300
Temperature control mode: PID closed-loop control
Temperature control accuracy: ±3
PCB temperature distribution deviation: ±2
Overall dimensions: 1450×630×470
Machine weight: 90KG

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